Create Journey Automation

Create a Journey Automation

When creating automations with multiple steps, you need to use the "children" array in the Automation_Activities.


Fields of Recipients objects

Contact_ID (int) (optional) - internal ID of existing contact to start on this journey
Email (string) (optional) - Email address of new/non-existing contact to start on this journey
Properties (object) (optional) - names correspond to iTL references in any email objects used by the journey; values are the strings to be substituted into the assembled message.

For example, if the Properties object contains {"book_title":"The Girl on the Train"} then the email document may contain the iTL reference {\var:book_title}

In the event that the names in the Properties object are the same as names in the database contact profile, the values from this Properties object are used the message assembly instead of the contact profile values. 


New Contacts created by this API call

Whenever a Contact_ID field is not present in a Recipients object, the Email and Properties fields are implicitly to be passed through the "Add Contacts" API to generate a new Contact_ID. If the Email matches that of an existing Contact_ID or there is a match for a unique contact profile key in the Properties then the corresponding existing Contact_ID is used instead of creating a new one.

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